Sample Work

Not a blog as such, more of a page to demonstrate the diversity of work undertaken.

E-Bike Brake Upgrade The owner of this E-Bike wanted more powerful brakes so a set of Magura MT7’s were recommended. Due to the hose routing for the back brake fitting the new brake required the removal of the Bosch motor which was a great opportunity to get some pictures of the motor and cabling while the strip down and rebuild was in progress.

electric-bike-service electric-bike-repair electric-bike-mobile e-bike-service e-bike-repair


Wheel building  Just completed a set of DT Swiss rims on Formula Hubs. These are 26 inch for RIM brakes so V brake compatible

Let us know what handbuilt / custom wheels you want.

handbuilt custom wheels
DT Swiss on Formula hubs 26 inch rim brake only

Hope Brakes Been working on a mix of Hope brake types recently, the pictures below show the disassembled levers and calipers from a 4 pot open system and an older closed system.  We can service all types of brakes replacing seals, pistons etc. as necessary. Most hydraulic brakes need a brake fluid change every 2 years to keep them in tip top condition.

Cycle Repair Tarporley
Hope Mini Closed System and Hope 4 Pot open System

Rear Shock Service Fox RP23 stripped down, new seals and rebuilt as part of a major sevice. This shock had a significant amount of dirt inside the air chamber as the outer seals were badly worn. Fortunately the piston coating was not badly worn so with a thorough clean and new seals it is now working perfectly.

Cycle Repair Tarporley
RP23 Air Can Seal Service

Shimano 105 Brake Caliper Completed as part of a Winter Bike service this rear brake was almost siezed requiring a full strip down. Although there is considerable pitting due to salt ingress at the secondary pivot it was successfully rebuilt and is back to full working operation. The thrust bearing can be seen when the brake is disassembled. Each of the 12 silver spots is actually a ball bearing little larger than a pinhead.


GT ZR 2.0 Fitted new bottom bracket bearings, chainrings, chain, cassette, jockey wheels, re-cabled and handlebar tape. Owner commented “Feels like a new bike!”


Orange Sub 5 – This bike has had a hard life and was almost scrapped! Now fitted with new front forks and wheels, rear suspension serviced and the back brake stripped and fully rebuilt, it is ready to continue being put through its paces. The owner of this bike is a hard core rider and is delighted with the custom hand built wheels, strong, lightweight and responsive yet affordable enough to make it worth saving this trusted steed.

Recumbant Trike – The steering on this trike was  vague with a noticable knocking  when going over bumps. A full service including new kingpost bearings, tyres and tubes has sharpened the handling so it feels like new.

trike recumbant service mobile repair winsford trike service repair mobile

Proflex XP.8 – Vintage classic design with Noleen forks. They certainly don’t make them like this anymore! The main pivot bushes on the rear triangle were completely worn away and no spares available so the bike was only good for scrap unless an alternative could be found. A new pivot was designed using a 12mm plain bolt, machining the frame and matching to new bearings and custom made bushes. The end result is a laterally stiff rear suspension that still responds to bumps as it should. The owner is delighted to have a bike he can now ride again.

winsford bike mobile service