Mobile Bike Services

Our Mobile Cycle Services are tailored to delivering a fast solution for the jobs that are suitable to being performed in a non workshop environment. We come to you at a time that suits you and carry out the service at your home, place of work or other location as required.

Prices quoted exclude parts as these vary considerably dependent upon the type of cycle. We provide a wide range of quality parts and will also fit suitable parts provided by you.  Discounts will be applied if multiple services are performed in one visit.

£35  Ride Ready Service – A basic service checking components for correct and safe operation,brake and gear operation, tyre wear and pressure, bolts torqued, lubrication and adjustment with a recommendation report for any further work as required.

£12 Puncture Repair – Including new tube.

£20 Gear or Brake Replacement Cables – Replacement of inner and outer cables.

£12 Handlebar Tape – Removal and replacement. (New tape required)

£20 Brake Service (Cable Operated) – Inspection, replacement of cables and pads as required and lubrication of springs, mounts and cables.

£30 Brake Service (Hydraulic) – Inspect for leaks and hose damage, check pads, replace as required, check discs for wear and true running straighten if required (subject to tolerance), bleed system and set-up.

£20 Minor Drive Service -Degrease, inspection of shifters, derailleurs, cranks and cassettes, replacement of cables, re-lubrication and adjust operation.

£15 Bottom Bracket Bearing Adjustment Service – Check BB for play (cup and bearing type) adjust as required.

£20 Suspension Tune and rider adjustment – Inspect suspension units and set-up with rider to suit individual riding style requirements.

Need a more comprehensive service?  – check out our Collect and Return Services page. All Mobile Services can be provided on a collect and return basis as required.

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